Monday, August 8, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 14

Finally, I have time to post and finally I can say that we got rain! Three nights in a row we got rain, amounting to 3.70" total. This morning we got another 1/2" so thing are looking happier!

That and the temps have dropped some. Now I have weeds to pull.

I believe my favorite marigold bloomed and the cinnamon basil has pretty blooms.

The one lone green that the rabbits haven't ate.

Matthew's tomato plant has had some ripe tomatoes this week. He actually ate half a tomato before he remembered he didn't like tomatoes, yea!


Auntie said...

Yay! Photos!! Thank you! Maybe your garden will have a new lease on life. Poor Matthew--disliking tomatoes is an important thing to remember. No wonder he looks a bit cheesy.

Kirsten said...

half a tomato is a great start! and HOORAY for rain!!!!!!!

faith buss said...

Yay for your RAIN! We got some last night. There hasn't been any in so long that I had junk all over my picnic table that I was working on for the barn sale. I had to run outside in the wee hours in my skivvies to bring it inside. LOL! Good thing the wind woke me up before the rain!

Angela said...

I'm glad the rain is doing your garden some good; the plants (flowers) are looking happier over here but my garden is still dead, dead, dead. Maybe I will try again next year. I understand Matthews dislike of tomatoes; I tried a cherry tomato and it was all I could do to keep from spitting it out. YUCK!!!