Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How August has been going!

I absolutely can't believe that today is the 17th of August. This has been the craziest month of the summer, I swear. I guess the place to start is with the first of August. It was our first day home from TX. We thought it was going to be a pretty normal month. We started doing more sorting in anticipation of school starting soon. Friday we woke up and Dad didn't feel good again. All the symptoms he had, smacked of the blood infection he had in early June. So we got him a early afternoon dr. appointment. By 2pm he was in the hospital awaiting gallbladder surgery and possibly appendix surgery. Sunday, he had surgery the old fashion way, because the gallbladder was just that bad, with around 8 big gallstones. The surgeon said in 30 years he'd only seen 5 that bad. If Dad wasn't so tough it would have come out several years ago. He got released the next Friday, which was last Friday.

*photo by Mom

Around the last night Dad was in the hospital, Matthew has alot of fun in the hospital bed. *photo by Mom

The day after Dad's surgery, Matthew and I had doctors appointments. Matthew got his kindergarten shots. Tuesday, my Grandmom went in for x-rays to see what the mass in her breast was. It turned out to be where her bones healed a little out, from where she broke her collarbone around 22 years ago. Thank goodness!

Last Thurday, I interviewed for a job at the elementary school. Several hours later, I was offered an assistant position with the afterschool program. I accepted. This will be my 3rd year at afterschool, first at this particular school.

Saturday, Auntie brought Matthew's big boy bed and we were finally able to use his new bedding. He loves it! Finally he's sleeping through the night in his own bed!

This week Matthew and I ran into town, to run errands. The sun was shining at our house. We went 2 tenths of a mile, went around the corner and it was threateningly dark! We've been loving the showers we've been getting.

One night I was in the kitchen and heard the funniest sound on the back window. I discovered the hugest moth I've ever seen, beating the window with it's wings, as well as the poor tree frogs. They looked like they wished the moth would leave. If you've ever seen a swallowtail butterfly, this moth was just as big as one of them. The only bigger moth I've seen is a luna.

Yesterday I took Dad back to the surgeon, to have half of his staples taken out. Friday he'll go back and get the rest out. We are so glad that he is recovering well. We believe the gallbladder caused all the problems in June. So hopefully he'll have a long time of good health now.

Today I got a call from the principal that hired me. She just got clearance to hire a teacher's aide for the 2 second grade classes, which are extra large this year. I got offered the position! I said I'd love to take it, if I could find a daycare/preschool placement for Matthew. I had been told basically all the daycares in town were full. And both I called were, but revised their positions. In an hour, I was able to get Matthew the very last preschool slot at the daycare in town. He starts Monday and can't wait. I start afterschool tomorrow and will start the aide position Monday. The neatest part is I will get to work with my Mom 2 1/2 hrs a day since she is one of the 2nd grade teachers!


Kirsten said...

wow, you have had an exciting month! hope your dad continues to heal well and feel better, and so excited for your new positions at school! hooray!

The author said...

Kirsten, thanks so much! I feel like God has really blessed us this month.

Auntie said...

Anne, that is so wonderful! -- just what you had wanted! Plus the benefit of working with your mom. The Littlest Cowboy is making great strides forward! August has been quite the month. Please post a shot of those gall stones.

Cathryn said...

And here I thought August was a month for vacations! Although you did visit some pretty cool sites as well!
Congrats on the jobs!

Mom said...

This 2nd grade teacher is very happy to have your help at school and so is the other teacher! We need you!

And it has been such a blessing that you could be here to keep things going while your dad and I lounged around at the hospital! LOL
Seriously, we appreciate your help so much!!!

Auntie--no photos of the gall stones, sorry they did not save them. So... would you like a picture of the scar? Ha!

Jenny said...

Sounds like you've had quite a month so far and it's still got two more weeks to go. Congrats on the job and finding a daycare. I'm sure you will enjoy getting to have some time out of the house.

Also, I'm relieved to hear that your father is doing better. Hope he continues to recover!

The author said...

Auntie, yes, I'm very very lucky! Matthew has really come along. I never even got to see the gallstones, I must not have been back from church when Mom got a quick look at them. Dad didn't even get to see them.

Cathryn, yeah, I used to think so but now I call it the end of summer and the flurry of school starting.

Mom, I can't wait to help you and my old 2nd grade teacher! I'm glad I've been on hand for the summers up and downs.

Jenny, you said it! I am relieved he is better to and now he's landed back in. ARGH!