Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas

It started snowing at 10 am Thursday morning, or Christmas Eve morn, and didn't stop till Christmas nite. Christmas morning the snow had drifted around our porch like this.

The wind was blowing for 2 days around 30 to 40 miles an hour. It caused some of the lawn to be scoured clean, while drifting deep drifts in others.

Night time view.

What looks like a snow covered hill right behind the fence, is actually a huge snow drift.

Snow drifted so bad across the road that in places it's piled up deep.

Snow is still drifting today. It's drifted enough in our driveway, that I think if we didn't have a 4 wheel drive SUV, we wouldn't have gotten out.

Matthew had a fine time playing in it on the porch today, for 5 minutes that is.


Even in town it drifted so bad that it's about 4 to 5 ft of drift going above the back porch steps.

Our neighbor came and cleared our driveway yesterday afternoon, but warned us not to try and go anywhere yet, as the drifts were bad. He had gotten his 4 wheel tractor stuck twice, trying to get through 5 ft drifts 1/8 of a mile from our house. As he runs cattle, he has to get out everyday. We were unable to go anywhere from 2 pm Christmas Eve, because of blizzard like conditions, until this morning. Instead of being able to celebrate with my family, we were stranded at our house with excellant chili. My parents had drifts around their garage so bad that his 4 wheel drive truck could not get out. They had to call a guy to bobcat them out today. And then bobcat them into my Grandmom's house. What a mess. It's still snowing at my aunt's, so she is very snowed in. As were were able to make it out today, we did manage to celebrate Christmas. I believe Christmas leftovers are calling to me. I'll be back with the gift portion of our "3 day" Christmas.


Auntie said...

Sure is snowy. And pretty. Glad you all came out ok, and that the CG part of The Outfit got together!
Shirt Tail Auntie will catch up with you one of these days.

Mom said...

I like your snow pics. That road pic is really representative of what the road crews are going through as they try to keep the roads open!