Friday, December 4, 2009

Actual Turkey Day

Ok, so this was the night before, but I forgot to add it. Matthew and Riley went to see Santa.
*Taken by: Auntie Shelly

Matthew was totally fixated on his Uncle Dan's goldfish pond. He got to feed them almost everyday and he even ate some of the food out of the pond. Yuck!

Group shot of Uncle Mickey, Phil, Nicole, Uncle Dan, Garrett, and Tiffany.

The 4 cousins. Phil, Tiffany, Garrett, and Nicole all in order from oldest to youngest.

Phil with his Auntie Shelly and Auntie Tara.

All the girls. Me, Auntie Shelly, Auntie Tara, Tiffany, and Nicole.

The Auntie's and I with fancy drinks. *Taken by: Uncle Mickey

Matthew and I. *Taken by: Tiffany

The boys and their blankies. *Taken by: Tiffany

These boys just loved their Auntie Tara's new bedding so much they couldn't stay off it!

Those looks just say it all and more then I ever could.

They just love their cousin Nicole too. Thanks for being such a great older cousin Nicole!

Matthew with his Auntie Shelly. And of course Riley, Tiffany, and Nicole.

Hanging out with his Uncle Mickey. They were probably swapping real manly stories.

It was a very awesome Thanksgiving. (We had 2 dinners, one at Phil's parents and the other at Auntie Tara's.) There was so much great food to eat. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to my stomach complaining, but it was totally worth it! Thanks for the awesome food and company everyone!


inadvertent farmer said...

What a good lookin' bunch of relative! The one with the little ones and Santa is kids are petrified of Santa, lol! Kim

Mom said...

What a great time everyone seems to have had! Thanks for sharing the fun via the pics!

The author said...

Kim-I think they are a good looking bunch too. I'm glad to say I'm related!

We did have alot of fun and alot to be thankful for.