Thursday, December 17, 2009

The busy season

It's the busy time of year again where you are scrambling to finish shopping and making cookies, planning menu's and cleaning house, and if you are nuts like me, moving your furniture around and sorting out cookbooks. I moved our kitchen hutch all by myself Monday night. Since I moved it, I've been weeding out cookbooks. So far I've eliminated some. I had two shelves full and my goal is to have only one shelf full. I hardly ever remember to crack them open anymore, even though I love to cook. Isn't that sad? (Even more sad I can never think of a thing to make for dinner.) So that's what I've been doing all week.

Matthew has been being a wild man from lack of outdoor time. Last night he announced it was bedtime and put himself to bed. Oh, I should have mentioned that Phil also converted his crib to a toddler bed, before he left. This means that Matthew has fallen out 2 times, lost all his covers twice, and had to sleep with me once. It's been an interesting week. Matthew also has peed on the toilet several times today, but I think the only motivation was for the candy treat. A night ago he wanted candy so he went and peed on the toilet. When asked if was going to start going on the toilet he replied, "Oh no!" Like silly mommy, I just want candy at the moment.


Auntie said...

My little guy used to roar to his parents, "Quit talking about that UNDERWEAR!" He dealt with his own pullups, and one day announced he wanted his underwear now. For three weeks the conversation over our shared fence was about who was wearing underwear and what color it was. I'd pull up the waistband of mine to show him the color, and he'd drop his drawers to show off his. There is nothing quite like being mooned by a small boy showing off his white unders with big the blue shark on the back.

The author said...

That's so funny! I bet there isn't anything quite like that!

nasuzyq said...

The Superman bright blue+red & Batman dark blue+black with matching superhero T-shirts were quite a success with my son & his friends! Only problem was getting them OFF him to wash them! He even wanted to sleep in them. There weren't "pull-ups" yet so they were The Bomb! (What wonderful memories your blog arouses!) Matthew looks like he's enjoying his job as "cookie-taster" too. How fun!(but Xmas sugarcookies = Wild man!)