Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Mister cool.

The outside lights.

Matthew's new nook. Part of the rearrangement of the living room.

We had a busy and relaxing weekend all in one. It's always a good weekend if we get to spend it as a family. Saturday, Matthew and I took off and met Angela, to visit the bug zoo. Matthew had a great time getting his personal tour. Afterwards, we did a spot of shopping and headed home. Phil, meanwhile, had been wrestling with hanging the Christmas lights outside. Phil has been massing enough to lights, since we got married, to compete with the Griswolds. Well, maybe not that many, but close. He has big plans. This year he went simple. He still needs to finish a pillar, but it still looks good. We watched alot of movies. Today, I decided that change was needed in the living room. So right before Phil took off, had him lug various pieces to new locations. Since he's been gone, I've been trying to organize, weed out, and place things in a decorative manner. I aspire to have a beautiful home. And I hope someday it will be.


nasuzyq said...

Phil is quite the light artist: looks lovely! I love your home. It's perfect for you and it's great that it reflects your love of life. What a joy to share your family's growth and personality! Thanks again. :)

Auntie said...

What a great little nook for Matthew--his stuff right there, a sofa to lean against or hide behind.... Your mom and I used to make little nooks in the NE corner of the LR.

The author said...

So far Matthew has really enjoyed his nook. His Poppa came Monday afternoon and it was the first thing he showed him. It also helps us have a little bit more "adult" living room. The kid stuff is tucked away. There is more to do, but it's a really good start!

Mom said...

I like your lights and your new room arrangement! The sunglasses are cute too!!!