Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, one day at a time

It's the beginning of an adventure. Matthew wants to be in on it all.

Doesn't he look thrilled?

Sorry it's dark, didn't want to use the flash, but this is his first airplane ride.

We made it and he's having a ball playing with his cousin, Riley.

Auntie Tara wanted to take their picture, so Matthew posed just like Riley. It was so cute!

The classic take a picture of the person taking your picture. This is Auntie Tara.

It's been such a long day. We've been so good but we need to recharge so we are cuddling with our Auntie Tara.

Within a few hours of getting there it was Nicole's b-day party. Matthew kept flirting with all her friends. I think he even followed one to the bathroom. Poor girl! Matthew with Nicole.

It's been suggested that I've been farming too much in Farmville to keep up with my blog. And that's probably partially true, but it's also been laziness, and lack of any good pictures to post and a general lack of news worthy events. But not now. Some of you know that we flew out to Phil's family's home the Sunday before Thanksgiving and returned on Saturday. It was a long, tiring trip, but lots of fun. Matthew had such an awesome time. He laughed everytime we took off and landed. I faked joy in the take off and landing everytime just for him. Inside I was cringing and praying. I don't like to fly, but luckily Matthew takes after Phil and loves it. Due to the large amount of photos I took, we'll be going through them day by day. Today will be pictures from Sunday, day 1.

In current events Matthew had several blowouts that resulted to in an immediate bath and lots of laundry. His temp is elevated, so I'm hoping he isn't getting sick. We worked 10 hours today, which means we are worn out. I was going to bring Christmas stuff down and work on putting it up tonight, but once I really eyeballed the stack of boxes, I turned around and decided downloading pictures would be much easier! (And then I freaked out because I'd misplaced the camera...) So welcome to our world today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more condusive to holiday decorating.


Auntie said...

Thanks for the photos and story line. Funny how you could be another Cal Gal. (Very cool purse, btw!) He has at least one more Auntie--a young one, this time. Any others?
At about Matthew's age, Jacob used to copy everything I did, down to the gesture, and occasionally ask, "Why did we do that?" Awesome feeling to know someone was looking to me to show him "the way to do things." Maybe you are used to it, having been with him all his life. I think you are wise--things like considering what he wants, and helping show him flying was fun.
Enough philosophy--how wonderful that the trip was a success! And, glad you are happily back. AND that the blowouts didn't happen on the plane!

Anonymous said...

Matthew is too sweet wheeling the luggage behind his Dad! Glad you all had a nice turkey day & returned safely...with lots of pics to share with us.

Mom said...

We loved these pictures of your trip!

The author said...

Thanks Susan! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! It was torture to be so close to so many of my family (well, within the state!) and know I couldn't see any of you.