Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Greeting from Snow Country!

Greetings from a very cold place today! It was a whopping 3 degrees this morning. It was a balmy 9 degrees when we went out this afternoon. The wind chill has been below 0 all day as far as I know. I've also gotten reports that one of our major highways was impassable, due I'm guessing, to drifted snow.

This is what I woke up to outside the living room window. The snow had drifted pretty much level with the porch and covered all of Matthew's bike except for the handlebars.

Drifted snow on the porch.

Another buried car and drifted snow.

There's nothing better then talking to Grandma on the phone and riding the dog.

The dog strikes back! Right after this Matthew fell off and announced to Grandma, "Mamaw, got bucked off, Scampie bucked me off!"

I just love how the wind leaves patterns in the snow.

And of course no shot is complete without a silo in it. This is part of how we're enjoying our second snow day. We've also done dishes, sorted out clutter, cleaned floors, got out and used our mixer for the first time, in the process of making sugar cookies, and of course, lots of playing! We're getting cabin fever over here!


Auntie said...

I especially like the patterns in "Another buried car and drifted snow." Stay warm!

the inadvertent farmer said...

We are cold here but no snow...I love snow, enjoy! Great photos, Kim

Jenny said...

I wish we had gotten some snow. We only got some freezing drizzle and a little bit of snow that didn't stick. I'm so jealous.

Mom said...

I love the way the dog ignores his boy rider at first and then leans up for a doggy kiss.