Saturday, December 12, 2009

More snow and such pictures

A hard core lego man. Notice the shoes Tiff.

Wearing our sunglasses just like our daddy.

Another day hitting the snow.

Huge snow pile. Intriguing.

It was put here for me to slide down.

Going down...

...And done, he just loves the snowpiles. And they are big enough I think it will take them awhile to melt. Our road just melted today and the yard is still covered.

And those snow piles we left by our kind neighbor that scapes the driveway for me. (If they only knew how many times I secretly wrote about and photographed them, they'd be surprised!)

Just look at how much snow was piled up on that sucker! I really do love country living.


Auntie said...

Yeah, country living is much different from city living. Snow piles on your own place, for one thing. I wish I could figure out how to make a living outside the city! Give the Busy Boy a hug from Auntie.

nasuzyq said...

WOW! Awesomely spectacular for Matthew to grow up with snow & real space to enjoy and explore "his" world. Looks like he's taken command of the snowpiles! How fun... Merry White Christmas from (crowded & soggy not sunny) California.

Mom said...

Your pics are delightful!

The author said...

Oh no! Crowed and soggy! Not fun! Did you guys get a little snow too? Now they are saying that we will get 4 to 6 in. Christmas eve to day! It really might be a white Christmas here. And Matthew does love living here. If you could make money by pushing cars around the countryside, you'd be in Auntie.