Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

I just love my Panner cat. She's so cute. And so hard to get photos of. Angela made it here mid morning, just as it started to snow. Not only did she bring gifts for the humans, but also for the kitties. Pan found them and insisted that she open them immediately.

Didn't want to load right.

After that we got to baking.

Don't I look fetching? Nearly a 50's house wife. *photo taken by Angela

Presents, presents, presents!

Why did I marry this man? Oh that's right, he makes me smile. :)


Dragging the presents out. Every year Phil says we have to wait till Christmas morning to open them and every year we open them all Christmas Eve.

Fire truck and station.

I love this firetruck!!!

New clothes!


Even as much as I love the firetruck and fire house and cars and tractors, I still take time out to read my new books. Gotta keep up with the current events after all...

Direct hit! I got "Aunt" Angela with a water bomb. Ok, it's time for small boys to be in bed or Santa may pass this house up!


Auntie said...

Looks like fun to me! I can get you a frilly bib apron, if you wish. Just let me know.

Mom said...

All the two of you bakers needed was a frilly apron and you'd definitely be 50's housewives! Don't ask me how I know this (maybe because I was a child then???)Better take Auntie up on her kind offer! Aprons have made a HUGE comeback lately.

Our little boy is growing up. His toys are becoming more and more sophisticated! Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve pics since we couldn't get through the snow to be there!

The author said...

I just might! I don't have a nice frilly bib apron...