Friday, October 7, 2011

Spirit Week: wrapup

Sunday we tie dyed shirts.

Wednesday turned out to be tie dye day, so he insisted that he be allowed to wear his new shirt.

Thursday was pajama day. He was soooo excited to wear his pj's to school. He drove me nuts, asking every 1o mins, "why am I wearing my pj's to school?" As if he didn't know!

Today, Homecoming, hence blue and gold day. So we donned our blue and gold shirts and beads.

All day the kids were impatient to walk to the parade. Matthew got to go with his preschool and then they went for icecream. He had an excellent time.

And he came home painted up and with a bag of candy! It's been an excellent day and week, but thank goodness it's Friday!


Mom said...

It has been a busy, fun week! Thanks for the photos!

Auntie said...

What she said!
(I always check your blog morning, noon, early evening, and just before bed!)

Cathryn said...

I love tie-dye! We have great memories of having matching shirts on vacation!

The author said...

You are welcome, you missed some of the week!

Auntie, that is sooo sweet of you, you've had a long wait for something new!

Cathryn, we had alot of fun, I'm thinking we'll have to do it again!