Thursday, October 20, 2011

Momma Brag Day

It's been a long time since I showed Matthew's art off, so I decided it was high time I did. He's done some cool stuff at school and home. Above: school, fall trees

Home: Columbus, moveable

School: I love the squirrel he drew!

Home: scarecrow project

Home: Columbus

Home: fall items-I love the colors he uses

School: L work, very very colorful

School: H work

Home: watercolor

As I was going through the stacks of Matthew's artwork, I realized something about myself. An old friend of mine told me once that I never give myself enough credit and I realized, she is right. I feel bad about myself sometimes for not being stylish enough, pretty enough, a good enough mom, driving an expensive car, having a high powered enough career, enough college degrees. And it's all for not, because I am enough. I work and pay my own bills-I don't need anyone else to do it for me, I make a difference in many lives-including my son's, I could drive expensive cars and wear designer labels-but I have my priorities in line, I AM a good mom-except for when I'm at work and he is at preschool I raise him and make him the priority, my career many not be high powered but it's growing and has some special things thrown in like being published, I have plenty of education-I don't have to pose or brag. And that is true Momma bragging.


Kirsten said...

YES! You ARE a good mom!!! :)

Auntie said...

IMO, you are wise beyond your years, have a level head, and your priorities are definitely in order. All these are good things for a child to witness and grow up in/around. I am very proud to claim you as my niece.

Anonymous said...

All you wrote is so very true, and we all admire your chosen path. You should have included being the loving wife of an American soldier, and a wonderful daughter.

Auntie said...

Being published?! Not many people can say that!

Jenny said...

Anne, don't for a minute think that you aren't good enough. You are a wonderful mother and friend. No one could ask for more.

The author said...

Kirsten, thank you very much, I really didn't write it for praise, just wanted to make a point, even if I was the only who understood!

Auntie, thank you, I'm glad you want to claim me! The publishing happened at college, sort of like you. ;)

Anonymous, thank you so much, you are very kind.

Jenny, thank you so much, sometimes I ask more of myself than I can do. Love ya and can't wait to make it down to see you again!