Friday, October 21, 2011

Glad you are still with me

After my rant yesterday, I didn't know what my few readers would think. Thank you for all the kind words, I wasn't looking for praise, just trying to make a point. And after talking about how Matthew is my priority, I dumped him off at preschool and went shopping since I didn't have to work. What a great Mom! But I really did ask him if he wanted to go, but he wanted to go to school instead. He hates shopping and he was in great need of longer pants, a new jacket and gloves.

So Mom and I shopped for the needed items and found a sucker he had to have!

And when we got home he was so excited with his new clothes. I could hardly believe it, but he's thrilled. Made the whole day worth it!

Most needed item on my list? A new memory card for my camera. Mine got lost when I posted the kitten post on my mom's computer. I'm seriously crushed, as I'd taken tons of pictures on the trail, some awesome ones of an asassin bug, and all the photos of Matthew playing with the kitten. I hadn't gotten them downloaded yet! Until I find it, if it ever turns up, they are gone with the wind. And to answer Auntie's question, Tuesday night the kitten caused the yappie yorkie to yap so much that Wednesday morning it moved to a new home. So I'm back in camera business and ready to snap some new favorites.

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Auntie said...

Sounds like everybody benefited from that shopping trip, esp since you can buy him cool new clothes without his having to try them on! Forgot to say that his art is looking good.
Pls tell your mom that the colors look great, and it is nice to see the porch floor with such a spiffy coat of paint. I bet those broken boards are fixed, too, now that your parents are their own landlords, and can do as they like!
Too bad about the kitten and the Yappy Yorkie. (I met a Westie who could have given Hersh a run for his yapping!)