Monday, October 17, 2011

Look what we found in the basement this morning!

It is so cute and lovey! It wants to live in the house, but he has to be an outside kitty, if it stays. Matthew was in heaven. It's not everyday you wake up to a surprise kitten. (Just to be clear, this really was a HUGE surprise. My parents don't have a cat. Our last one was 16 1/2 years old, a male, and past away this summer. So a kitten so little, out of the blue, big surprise.)


Auntie said...

Wow! How did it get in? I'm gonna run down and look in MY basement.

The author said...

We aren't sure, maybe during the painting or pump instillation a window got left unlocked. Did you find one in your basement? (IF you had one done there, I guarantee that Sam will let you know, Hershey sure did!)

Auntie said...

Oops, forgot to look. I think it would be on the other side of the door calling to us.
Will you keep it? It is marked like a boa--very flashy. Is Matthew particlarly fond of cats? Justlikes babies and pets?