Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Fest 2011

Tonight they had Pumpkin Fest at Matthew's preschool. The boy came home mega excited to go! Here he is with Holly making the ever crucial decisions on what silly bands to choose.

We became scarecrows.

We had cookies for dinner, after we had a bat and pumpkin painted on our face. One of his best friends, Bradley, in the background. They were attempting to share suckers and juice with each other. That's real friends.

Holding all our loot.

And decorating his pumpkin. He had the best time playing with his friends after dark, while listening to "scary" music!

We leave you this evening with a little movie showing what the boy was doing in the face painting line. He was cracking me up!


Mom said...

What fun!!! Love the video!

Auntie said...

What a great post - Thank you!
"Dancing Frenzy" (not "Fever")

Angela said...

:) I love the dancing frenzy!

The author said...

Thanks you all, I certainly enjoyed it!