Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wayward beacon and various other things

Ever wonder what your child might look like in sunglasses with a pig nose attached? Wonder no longer.

Do you see a problem with this picture?

How about now?

Yes, meet "Cattle Dog." He showed up at our house Thurs. and so far I haven't been able to find his owner. My friend said, "you must have a beacon on your house for wayward creatures." How true it seems. Although this wayward creature cannot stay sadly.

Here Matthew is with his legos and yard sale find, a Mickey Mouse as big as him.

Pink rain clouds anyone?

More pink rain clouds, just because I love them.

And finally a very tired little guy who loves his duck so much he had to sleep with it today at naptime. (And now again at bedtime.) Thanks Auntie for fixing duck!


Auntie said...

Actually, I saw 2 problems--That Boy making off with the hose, and the extra dog. Do you see any similarities between the dogs? I suspected Scamp had a lot of cow dog shape and movement.
Do you think you see things differently because of having a camera with you?--that it increases your abilities to notice and appreciate? You record things that others might see as ordinary, and make them notable, worthy of a second and third look.

inadvertent farmer said...

That could is are yard sale finds! Kim

Angela said...

I'm glad I now have a face for "cattle dog"; I hope you find his home soon but it looks like he's decided your his new owner!

Mom said...

I agree with everything everybody has said so far. Really, you have the most incredible clouds at your place! And I thought the photo of the boy with Mickey was cute. If you look under the table, there are those two pairs of feet--one set is small and barefoot, and the other set is huge and yellow!

The author said...

Hehe! I knew someone would make a call on the hose, but I didn't say so! I do see similarities between the 2 dogs and yes, cattle dog does believe he is at home. He's been begging me to keep him.

As for the camera, I've been wondering if I notice more because I have it, or is it Matthew, or the fact I've slowed down by not working so much, is it the country or the fact that I know I have to take pictures for the blog? I don't know, but I've really feel blessed to have caught as much as I have and to have been able to share it. I enjoy doing this and appreciate all the wonderful comments!

Auntie said...

Where is Cowpup now?

The author said...

Cattle dog is still at our house. I give him till Thurs. to have someone claim him.