Thursday, October 29, 2009

How we are spending the last few nice days outside

This Tonka Dump Truck has been the best investment. Matthew hauls stuff in it, he scoots around in it himself, and it has uses outside. Here he is backing up the slope in it.

And going down, being careful to lean back so it doesn't just dump him out instead.

Once in a lifetime are you small enough to do this.

Or pretend to fall so that your loyal pup will come nose you.

As you can see here he had a wreck and the red "race car" won. Pushing the red car off the poor dump truck.

Trying to get the dump truck straightened back out.

The dogs messing around.

A small boy hid from mom and thought it was hilarious when she finally found his hiding spot.

And one last pic of the race car parked at his new home.

Enjoy the last few days of fall everyone!


Auntie said...

What great, great fun, looking at your fall photos! (Good thing Lil Dude has such a narrow butt!)

Anonymous said...

What a fun-filled life you make for your child(& yourself)because of your very special awareness of the moment & positive perspective of life! And your BLOG is a delight to read too. Thanks for sharing the big little moments. Tonka Rules! My son(now 35 yrs!)LOVED his tonka truck too!

The author said...

Yes, it's good Lil Dude is narrow! I don't think a chunkier little guy could do it.

Thanks, I try to make it fun to read. It's such a shame I couldn't have grown up with your kids since we are so close in age. We could have played together!

Mom said...

Your son and your pets seem so happy! What a wonderful life you have!!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Somebody is conspicuously absent.

The author said...

I believe you mean Cattle Dog. Well, this is the second time he has disappeared. He was gone all day Tuesday and now he's been gone since Thursday afternoon. I don't know if he found greener pastures, went home, was taken home and tied up this time or what. But he was with us for about 2 weeks. I admit as nice of a dog as he was, I'm hoping he doesn't come back, because if he does, I'll just have to send him somewhere.