Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Halloween Adventure, or maybe just a silo

Now you may be saying to yourself, Halloween adventure? Why in the world would an old silo, perfectly ordinary looking to me, be the subject of a Halloween adventure? Well, step along with me and find out. PS: This post inspired by a reader that is very interested in the silo and is thinking of converting it into living quarters...

Here is the object of our attention. The wind is blowing hard today and the whole structure is moaning and groaning and howling. The noise is enough to make the superstitious nervous, especially if it was the 31st. But it's not and we are brave souls right? Let's take a closer look.

Well, here we are at the "front door." I am tall enough to step/hop/scoot through the lowest hole, so I'll help you through. Mind your head...

But before I help you in, do look up. It's quite a sight.

As we step in, wow, what a mess. What you see on the ground is tons of twine for big round bales, that the previous owner/tenent decided to pile here. As you step on the ground it is curiously springy, almost like the rubber athletic asphalt, but more so. Very spooky don't you agree?

Wow, it's a long way up. Couldn't climb out if we got locked in. Do stay close to the door so we don't get "accidentally" shut in, wouldn't you? Meanwhile I'll take some measurements. Hold the measuring tape at the door...that's great...ok, it's 14ft across, so a 14ft diameter. You could maybe have spartan living quarters here...but look, on the ground. Did any of you sing a song in school that went like this:

Have you seen the ghost of John?
White with no skin on the booones,
Whooo, whooooo, whooo, whooo,
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?

No, just me? How odd. Well anyway, we know who John's bones are, but who are these?

Spooky! Let's get out of here! Race you back to the house!

Now that we are back at the house, safe and sound, I am doing a little math for the curious reader. There are 31 spaces between the wire holding the blocks. There is 15" between each wire to the next. So that makes 465" of space going up or 38 3/4' of silo, not counting the open wires at the top. If you'd make each floor 8 feet tall you could have 4 floors, maybe having to add a little more at the top to allow for floor thickness. The roof could be a marvelous observation platform to look at stars. So if you only had the bare essentials or were good at using space, you could have a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and a bath, with a tiny staircase that hunged the wall spiraling up from the bottom to top. Not too shabby.

But the real question is, would you be brave enough to live there???


Jenny said...

Wow, Anne. A little bored are we?

The author said...

Well, it's really a post for one certain person. I won't name names. And yes, I had some time on my hands this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'd be brave enough, unless you feel that a strong wind would blow it down!!! I'll start drawing house plans!!! Delightful!
PS Thanks for not naming names!

Anonymous said...

PSS Would you mind removing the bones before I move in???

Anonymous said...

Ha! But we might only guess WHO this person is!
I have heard that heave gasses from silage can collect and displace the oxygen in the bottom of a silo. But all the moans and wind would probably have cleared it out by now. Moans are known to make gasses disperse. I never took a candle in to make sure there was adequate oxygen.
Your story just about creeped me out to where I wouldn't go in with you. I think I had one foot in and one foot out.

Angela said...

I know that several of us have mentioned about converting the silo into a place we could move into so it could be anyone.

So thanks for gettign the dimensions & I'm sure there are plans to convert going on as I type so maybe I should consider the cattle barn!

The author said...

Well, since I'm the girl with too much time on her hands, ;), I have been thinking the floor plan over. I believe that one floor could house the kitchen and the bathroom (divided by a wall of course) thus giving the occupant the luxury of another room in which to have a second bedroom, den, or dining room.

Yes, making plans for the cattle barn may be a better option Angela!