Monday, October 19, 2009

Our rocking Saturday night

Matthew and I got up Sat. morning at the crack of dawn. We hit the yard sale and took off for KC. We didn't do much in the afternoon, as we were trying to get Matthew to nap, but that failed so we took off for supper at an Mongolian BBQ. Phil had a lemon in his iced tea and fed it to Matthew. This is how Matthew looks while eating lemons. His Dad fed him more lemon on Sun. and he ate the rind! Ick!

I'm hiding...

Ok, I'll stop hiding and dance for you instead.

The husband was in such a good mood he let me take the first great pic of him in probably, oh, 4 years.

After supper we went home and Matthew found Mommy's sunglasses.

What a ham. His facial expressions kill me.

Yeah, he's styling.

We made brownies and look who is casually trying to get close enough to swipe some.

Isabelle, we're on to you and chocolate isn't good for kitties. (Or Mommy's thighs...sigh)


Beth said...

Wow! That is a cute pic of your sweet husband! And check out the 'dancing' and 'hiding' pictures right above. The son looks just like the father!!! Cute cat too!

Anonymous said...

BOTH your men are lookers & even better: good character too. What's up with kitty? Your kitty has a sweet tooth? How funny!

The author said...

Isabel eats everything she can get her paws on. She's a pig! That's why I call her the cow cat, she's getting cow like.

I can't believe how much Matthew looks like Phil.