Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Matthew's photo shoot

He did a pretty good job uh?

Poor boy, obviously sick still...but not to sick to snag that camera and click away! I should note that he took these pictures during the week of sickness. He is not sick presently, thank goodness. I did imagine having to take him to the ER again, on a Monday, after his hand got squashed in the metal ball cage yesterday at school. But I've decided with all my CNA training, hehe, that he is just fine and just has 1 badly bruised knuckle. But he's a tough boy and won't let it slow him down.

Matthew is just learning at an incredible rate lately. He can sing much of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Happy Birthday. He is adding to his list the ABC's and Wheels on the Bus. We sing most of the way wherever we go in the car. Matthew dictates the song list. "Mommy sing Twinkle, Mommy Spider!, Mommy sing Rainbow" (Somewhere Over the Rainbow), and it goes on. He has also learned most of his colors. As we drive down the road he not only identifies the vehicle type but also it's color. And it's that way with many things. It's so exciting to watch him learning. This is his window of opportunity and I'm so glad he is making the most of it.

He's also learned another new trick. He can eject a DVD to put in the one he wants to watch. He's in love with Finding Nemo right now. He calls it the "Goldfish" movie. He brought it to me today and announced he wanted to watch it. Since I was cooking lunch I told him to put it back and I'd put it in later. Next thing I know it's playing! I'm not sure I was that clever as a 2 year old!


Auntie said...

Wow, that is some kiddo. Of course, look at his parents. And grandparents. Thanks for all the neat photos and stories.

Mom said...

I think you can add photography to his list of accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Following in his mommy's footsteps with his photography skills! Glad to see some shots of you too...and glad he's feeling better. WOW he is really talking now...too smart!

Angela said...

He takes good photos, maybe I should sign up for a setting!

Anonymous said...

That poor kid looks like he is drugged. Have you been giving him something? hehe.