Monday, November 29, 2010


Nothing better then watching Shrek, with Isabelle, on the parent's bed.

Missy thinks sleeping in the sun, on the parents bed, is pretty good too.

Matthew is fascinated with the berries that grow on all the bushes on our walk.

I don't see any Mom, oh there they are!

More Christmas decorations.

Happy family all hanging out after supper in a pleasant way.

Matthew woke up from his nap and this is the conversation that followed.
Matthew: Helllooo?
Me: Hi!
Matthew: It's me.
Me: It's you?
Matthew: Obviously it's me.
Me: Obviously it's you?
Matthew: Yes.

When he said "Obviously it's me" I just died inside with laughter. He's so funny.


Anonymous said...

How many 3.5 yr/o kids use "obviously" so casually? I'm impressed.

Kirsten said...

LOL. Love that! :) Big words from small mouths are always adorable.

Mom said...

Wonderful comments, wonderful pictures! Love the decorations too!!!