Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House reveal

There she is, our new temporarily house. Plum tree in the front, peach in the back.

Living room from front entry.


And the dining room. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with a 2 car garage, for $25 more then the first house that was a 3 bedroom.

The back patio. This house doesn't have the dream soccer field backyard behind it, but it's ok. It's enough to kick a ball in. Matthew loves to ride his riding toys in the garage.

Our new neighbors. They love Matthew because he gives them peanut butter Capt. Crunch treats.

Last Friday we went to storytime, at the library on post. We won a Longhorns football that some guy took, so we got a sucker instead. At a trip to Target, Matthew convinced us he needed a Lightning McQueen bike helmet. (It came with a bike bell.)

Beyond our house is Fort Hood range. This means we have wandering neighbors. The 1st 3 days we were here, we were blessed with their presence.

Look at those horns. I love having no houses behind me. If I get homesick I just go lean on the fence and it feels like home.

Here is Matthew in the empty moving truck. He loved running up and down that 26 ft of moving joy.

Yesterday we tried to get back on routine. We took a walk with Missy and painted.

Being an artist, I was sooooo excited that he painted for an unheard of 40 minutes!

Monday we went to JAG so they could help us get our deposit back from the other house's property management company. That's soooo nerve racking for me, but it's the principle of it. Our property management company got word on Monday that our house smelled like cigarettes and by this morning installed odor blocker in the vents. They are doing great so far.

Today Phil finally got to his unit around noon. In his platoon is a guy he served with for many years at Ft. Riley. Hopefully that makes him feel a little more at home. The word on the street sounds like he'll be in the last unit in Iraq. (Poetic justice since he was in the first unit into Iraq.) He might be leaving in May. We'll just have to wait and see. Matthew and I are ok with it. We figured this day would come. We're military!


Erin said...

Military indeed! Glad you are getting settled in - nice that you can gaze at Longhorns right from the house, makes it not so bad, right? Hope everything goes smoothly for you... my hubby's deployment is down to the last 1/3 of it and we are all getting antsy, scatterbrained, you know how it goes :)

Auntie said...

Thank you for the photo tour. Looks like a fine place that you have made look like a home already. It was fun to recognize so many things on the top of your kitchen cabinets. Matthew is a smart little guy to want a helmet. I hope that by now you have adjusted the strap so it will do him some good if he falls off. (Is that boy taller already?) I recall Phil's mumbling about Afghanistan. This is his 4th deployment?--you guys are surely pros at doing this. Not that it is easy, I am sure. But you are military, as you said, and certain things are required. Tanks? Strykers? I like the looks of all your 4-footed neighbors.

fullfreezer said...

The house looks lovely. How nice to have visiting longhorns. I can't imagine how you military families get through deployment. I would be pulling my hair out. Three cheers to you and yours for all you do.

Mom said...

I love your home! You've made it look very welcoming. The outside is also nice, with the tall grass and the long-horned neighbors! Thanks for the photos of the house and especially of the boy!!!

The author said...

Erin, the longhorns help, or they did! Good luck on the homestretch.

Auntie, We have adjusted the straps, it's much better now! Yes, it'd be 4th, but who knows what will happen.

Judy, thanks! I bet you'd raise to the challenge better then you think you would.

Mom, I know that's your favorite part, the boy! I remember in the beginning you and Dad would ignore me in the thrill of the baby boy. ;)

Angela said...

I'm glad you all seem to be settling into your temporary home and that you won't feel homesick for cattle. The budding artist has me excited as well; I kept forgetting to ask when we could start painting or coloring together but I will have to make it a priority- color with the boy :)

Anonymous said...

your house looks wonderful anne! Matthew is a wonderful painter :-) love and miss you!