Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving eve we had an uninvited guest. I made the hubby chase him back out to the garage. Thank goodness Angela wasn't here. Our guest would have become a guest back to her house. ;)

There hasn't been enough boy shots for some grandparents, so I've made an effort to get more.

Today, (since I realized I've gained enough weight to make my jeans tight) we went on a family walk. When I took this photo, we were in front of our friends house. (The one that very generously let us stay there while we were trying to find a house.) I could see our car from there, but I don't know if you will be able to, even blown up. It would be the silver SUV at the left top.

With 2 pushes when he hit really steep parts of the sidewalk, the boy was able to pedal all the way up. He was sooo happy!

Matthew put his new scissors to good use to help cut open the Christmas lights box.

We are slowly decorating. Matthew decided on white lights this year and the white gowned angel for on top. For the first time in a long time, he wants to be in the photos again. I just love that boy. I cannot lie. Guess who had to be the voice of various Thomas the train's friends today? I'm sure you know!


Mom said...

Ooh, that little gecko was so cute! I wonder if it will come back?

These grandparents are very pleased to get the boy pics! Thanks! Only three weeks and we think he's already grown again! Love you all!

Angela said...

LOL- I agree with your mom the gecko is cute. So yes I want one of my very own so um can I come visit soon????

I love your Christmas decorations- its nice to see how simple can be quite beutiful.