Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swim lesson recap (a week late)

I would have posted pics of Matthew swimming earlier, but every time I brought the camera he'd have a nervous breakdown and start crying and we would get nowhere. Finally the last day of lessons we were happy and doing cute stuff and I didn't have the camera. I'd left it at home. I attach it to my hip and the one time it isn't, something film worthy happens. Like Tuesday was Mom's birthday and she accepted a chocolate chip cookie and balloons from a sandwich at Subway. Why do I not just store the camera in my purse? So on this day all I had was Phil's phone to record the memories. And as such it took a good week to have him send the pics to my email. Argh. Enjoy!

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Mom said...

Swim lessons bring back great memories for me! And that Subway 'sandwich' also sang "Happy Birthday" to me! What a fun summer we are having!!!