Monday, July 27, 2009

The boy and plants

Have you ever wondered what an iris seed pod looks like? No, well, here's a picture of one anyway.
Iris seed pod open. I believe only the golden brown seeds are good.

Potting the seeds. We'll see if I can get them to grow or not. Who knows what they will look like considering they might have cross pollinated. It's kindof fun. I might get the next big thing, although I doubt it!

Walking in puddles left by toys. Or making a Jackson Pollack.

Marigolds. I thought I'd saved seed from a different variety, but this is what I got.

Hibiscus and coleus.

That boy, I don't know if I'll ever get him taught that standing in chairs is not a good idea!

Goofing off with the flowers we picked that day.


First tractor ride with Poppa. *photo taken by my Mom

He had so much fun. He just didn't appreciate Mom and I holding him up from getting on with driving the tractor. *photo taken by my Mom

We had a big weekend. Friday Matthew got to take a tractor ride. Dad and I had been moving a pole for the yard light. Saturday Phil, Matthew and I went to a neat zoo of sorts. It is free to enter and the activities that require payment are cheap. He got to pet a goat and a sheep. He thought that was pretty awesome. Sunday we went to the KC Zoo for 3 hours. Man were we pooped after all that walking and heat. But we headed the apartment, ate enough to perk up and drive home yesterday. Matthew decided to be a trouper and only took a 20 min. nap all day.

Thanks for making the giveaway a pretty good success.

*edited to mention: I should have said that this was Matthew's first time to the zoo. He really wanted to see the elephants and lions. A lion was right up next to the glass, all sprawled out like Isabel, so Matthew got a great view. He also enjoyed some birds with a poof of feathers on top of their head and the zebras. In the crocodile house he plastered himself on the window. One crocodile was swimming. When he saw him, he started heading right for him. I said, "I'm going to freak out if that crocodile attacks the window." And right after that, with a foot and half left for the crocodile to go, Matthew decided to jump back. The crocodile stopped and we all hastily left. Disaster averted. I still am wondering what the crocodile would have done. While we were there we saw the sea lions perform. That was pretty cool. It reminded me of the time I went out on Jack's work boat. There were tons of sea lions just hanging on the buoy's. (Jack worked for the city as a captain. He would take scientists out everyday to test the water quality in different locations. I was allowed to tag along. I saw an arena in Mexico from the boat, lots of seaweed, sea lions, beautiful views, and their dock was right next to MTV's Real World house. I was excited about that and took pictures. He and Chris told me that they'd seen his boat go by a couple times during the show. Cool!)


Auntie said...

Don't think I've ever noticed an iris pod! Good thing Matthew wasn't wearing his hat--Poppa couldn't have seen over him as easily. (Mom as in your mom, or Mom as in you?) Fun photos, as usual. Where is the free zoo? I like free. Free is a very good price.

The author said...

My mom. I guess I should have said her name. At the corner of Santa Fe and Switzer is a soccer complex. Right behind it, on down Switzer, is the Deanna Rose Farmstead. It's so awesome. You should come with us next time we come up! There would be pictures of it and the zoo, but I forgot my camera. I know, me without my camera, what is the world coming to? I packed really badly and left alot behind this last time. Oh well.

Angela said...

Sounds like fun- I'll have to plan a trip up for a weekend and we can go check the zoo out (Halloween time?)

Mom said...

Especially loved that last photo of M. holding the flowers. And didn't you tell me that not all iris plants have seed pods? Cool to see the seeds in yours. Glad you had fun at both zoos, and hope to come up when it is cooler to see them!

The author said...

Correct, only some set seed. I believe mostly the older varieties.