Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July recap

Some of nature's fireworks.

Picture time!

Awesome parachute!

This race car moved!

And crashed and burned.

Tank shooting.

Matthew and me. Below: Mom caught Matthew and Phil's popper exploding. Click the pic to see the action. *photo taken by my Mom

Matthew loved the popper's "guts."

The next 10 millon pics are of Matthew and Scamp's favorite fireworks, the Smoke Balls.

Matthew runs through and Scamp rolls.

I hope you all had a beautifully explosive 4th of July!


Mom said...

It was a wonderful celebration!!!

Auntie said...

I can tell it was a great celebration! Thank you for sharing the photos, and for getting one of you and Matthew, too. The smoke balls remind me of the comment that if you could see the altar through the inscense it was "low church." (Sorry I can't spell that "i" word) I want a tank next year--Black Cat stand? Army base?

Beth said...

You can get tanks at any fireworks stand. They have little wheels on them. The one in the photo was about four inches. Phil found a really cool one that was at least eight inches!

Anonymous said...

Classic! Matthew & Scamp are seriously bonded: what fun they are having together in the colored smoke clouds. And glad the "grown-ups" are in some pics. Good-looking group!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun- great photos. AMT