Thursday, April 28, 2011

What we did Wednesday

I did lots of weeding in my Mom's flowers beds. They are my babies considering that I planted 95% of the stuff in them. Some of it I gave a gifts, some I dug out of ditches, some I relocated to a better location and others I just planted for her. I think it's starting to come together. Matthew got in on the action.

Other times he was playing while I worked.

We enjoyed the lush greenness of the woods. All the rain the area has gotten lately has really greened plants up. The birds have enjoyed the weather, judging by all the singing.

Weeded! Now on to planting some edible seeds in among daffodils that will die off and in other vacant areas. It looks much more exciting when you can see all the little blooming plants.

Towards days end, the boy and dog were worn plum out.

Ever since we got here, it's been pretty overcast and cold, but I still love it here. It's home.

13 days down, 352 to go.

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