Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Park

Last night we went to a park and it was really just trails and baseball/soccer fields. Tonight we went to another park and found a play area, although it was mostly biking/hiking trails and baseball/soccer fields. I was most interested in the trees. The trees were very full of this balls. I suspect it's mistletoe, but Phil thinks I'm nuts.

* edited to note after 10 minutes of research, it's ball moss. It doesn't take anything from the tree, just coexists with it. It can be grown as a houseplant on cork, oak bark etc. I'm hatching ideas on how to get some down and bring it on home!

Matthew had a great time. He was overjoyed to be at a playground.

It was a beautiful park. If we hadn't had Matthew, I would have loved to go for a long walk. I felt like a was back in Phoenix and if you know me, that's a great feeling!


Auntie said...

What a great find! I hope this time in SA is a respite in the craziness of moving and new work.

Mom said...

Those strange balls are very interesting. If they are mistletoe, I believe they will eventually kill the tree. I'm glad Matthew got some time in a park! He is a good climber now.