Thursday, April 21, 2011

Safari play

So these photos won't be in any particular order. The last few times I've tried to upload pictures in an order, Blogger has very helpfully randomized them for me. Thank you so much Blogger! So Matthew and I went back to the "jungle" park again this morning. Matthew is convinced it is a jungle it's so dense with foliage. I absolutely love it! This is my type of environment. So for about the first 45 minutes, there was a little boy for Matthew to play with. Right after his family left, all these young does starting popping out of the "jungle" 30 ft from us and going down the trail. We followed.

The cactus is blooming, so beautiful.

So I asked the mom today what the balls in the trees were and she said, "You mean the balls of moss? I think it's a type of fungus. It's a Southern thing." I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it.


Auntie said...

I like the looks of that park. How cool that you two were tracking the young does, examining their prints, etc. Plus, that climbing rock looks awesome!

The author said...

We had lots of fun! It was such a unique adventure.

judy said...

love your posts-did you figure out the things on top of the tree's yet?---[ the mistletoe ]

The author said...

Judy, it is ball moss! Not a true moss, but apparently it doesn't hurt the tree, just sticks to it.