Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party and Halloween parade

We went to the Halloween party where my Grandmom lives yesterday.

They had lots of games, candy, and food. It's was really fun!

3 of the 4 generations.

Grandmom and I

Angela came in time to walk in the Halloween parade with us.

We saw one of Matthew's little friend and her family, while walking in the parade. If you look you'll see Matthew's frog costume from years past in the arms of the man. Sob, yes, I sold the frog costume...and it's so dirty now...sob...And when Matthew saw it he said, "I have that costume!" Well you did...

Our good friend and former coworker, Beverly.

Matthew and our neighbor girl. Dorothy was a VERY popular costume this year. I probably saw 20 in just our small town. And if I didn't mention it, Matthew's costume we made this year. I designed the wings and MaMaw sewed them for me.


Mom said...

Halloween was a lot of fun this year--as always!!! Great photos!

Auntie said...

That bat suit got rave reviews from my colleagues at SMMC!

Angela said...

I'm sorry the frog suit is dirty but I had a great time in the parade (my first "in the parade" ever)!!! I have a lot of firsts with your family :)