Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bat

He's standing with the pumpkins they decorated at story time today. You can't see much because Mallory got in on the action. :) He'll have 4 days of Halloween this year, lucky guy.

In other news, yesterday evening we discovered that our property management company has been banned from renting to the military by government action, because of unfair practices. Yikes! On top of that, they have an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. I guess we really picked the wrong house. So we are scrambling to get on with a different company and a different house. Wish us luck and maybe say lots of prayers.


Auntie said...

OMG - what a totally cool bat suit! Congrats to all involved! Matthew sure makes a cute little bat.
Sorry about the house. Don't worry--I am sure you will not have to live in a pup tent on the front lawn of the base!

Mom said...

He is such a cute bat! I'm glad you got Mallory in the photo too. They look so cute together!