Saturday, October 16, 2010

We are back from our scouting mission

On the way to TX, we stopped and visited a garden we've watched grow all summer.

In the process we made new friends. We also stopped and saw old friends.

After 3 grueling days of spinning wheels, searching lists, and driving all over neighborhoods again and again, we finally believe we've found a house.

It has an enormous backyard. This is just one section. But it has several snags. All of the houses down there did, due to the fact they are all managed by property management agencies. We have to find homes for some of our pets we've had over 10 years. And the agency that holds the house we want may decide not to rent to military anymore. We'll find out in the upcoming week if we'll get the house. Until then, we'll go back to the non-stop packing process we've been doing.


Kirsten said...

oh, jealous! (about visiting faith, not about your housing woes - i'm sorry!!).

Mom said...

It looks like a really nice place--especially that big back yard! I hope you get it!

I just read some of Faith's blog (from the link you gave when she won people's choice) and decided that I might be a bit jealous that I couldn't go to her amazing barn sale!

fullfreezer said...

I'll be sending happy house thoughts your way.

Cathryn said...

LUCKY!! I thought that looked like Miles!! How fun that you got to meet the Buss family! Did you get to see the barn sale leftovers?

I hope you find a great place for a garden and that you get to stay long enough to harvest!! How long do you get to stay in TX?

Erin said...

Get rid of your pets? That would be an immediate deal breaker with us! Good luck on your search! Neat that you got to meet a fellow blogger!

Angela said...

It looks like a nice house; I hope they decide to rent to you guys.

The author said...

Kirsten, Faith is soo lovely, it was wonderful to meet her and her family.

Mom, well we'll wait and see. Faith's stuff was amazing.

Judy, thank you!

Cathryn, they are sooo delightful! I did get to see barn leftovers and bought something! I'll show it when it's up on the wall wherever we land. We will be there at least a year I believe, so next years kinderGARDEN will be there for sure.

Erin, believe me, it's always been a deal breaker for us, but all the houses are held by property management and none of them allow more then 2 animals. I think I'll write about all the ridiculous restrictions we'll have to live by. I have moved my pets many states away before so this is breaking my heart.

Angela, thanks for your well wishes. We'll need it.