Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is not the blog I intended to post

Well, we are all a little sore, rundown, and sick at our house. I was all set to blog about Phil's and my ride on Sunday and all the ins and outs of that, but fate stepped in first. I had left Matthew with his grandparents Sat afternoon. He seemed just fine during the day. Then that night he started sounding congested and coughing. By time I got home Sunday evening, he was tired and was developing a barking cough. Just like all the other kids at daycare. All that evening and Monday morning he was flirting with fever. So we went ahead and went to work. After 8 hours he spiked a definite fever and went home. Tynenol wasn't really taking the fever down, but he seemed ok and went to bed. After an hour he was up sobbing, very hot-a degree hotter then when went to bed, chilling, and threw up. His barking cough had gotten much worse and I got scared. So I called Mom and she drove up so we could take him to the emergency room. We got there at 11:30, and for the first time ever, it was empty so we got right in. They immediately gave him stuff to take the fever down. (It was up to 102.2.) After that we went and waited to see the doctor. He decided it was croup and had him take a nebulzer treatment. We got sent home with more medicine to take till the cough and fever are better. When we left he was feeling pretty chipper and proud to be up so late with the big people. By 2:15am he was in bed and asleep again. Around 4 he woke up in a panic again, because he and the bed was pretty soaked because his fever must have broken. The doctor said he should be feeling ok enough to sent back to daycare, but I'd planned to keep him home anyway. And I'm glad I did because he is very tired and his cough is still pretty bad. I'm hoping he'll be up to going tomorrow, but we'll see. Later, if I feel up to it, I'll try to post our weekend pics. Hope all of you have a much less exciting start to the week!


Auntie said...

Oh my! Glad that you got Matthew to the ED and that your mom was able to go with you. I hope you don't catch it. Or your mom. Are you 2 too old for croup? Or maybe it goes by a different name in adults? Wonderful that he is better, and that you decided to take the day to stay home with him.

Mom said...

I looked it up on the Internet and croup in adults is rare. Their air passages are larger so the inflammation is not so noticeable. Most adults who are exposed to a child with croup, just get a cold if anything. The doctor said it was good to bring the child in early rather than later in the case of croup, so I'm glad she took him in last night. Everyone at the hospital was so nice.