Friday, September 4, 2009

...Later in the week

The little boy set out for a grand adventure with his faithful...kitten...leading the way.

It's become gray and cloudy. It does not feel like typical early Sept. weather.

It's so low light that the morning glories aren't sure whether to open or not. Is it morning yet?

Matthew works on pushing his car up the hill.

It's a big job.

Ooops, fall over.

Let me get this thing back up...

...Climb in...

...And fall out again because it's just so gosh darn fun! (And the chicks dig it!)

And down we go again!

The clouds were spectacular.

Matthew plays with the rapidly pink-en-ing sedum. At least he's not ripping the flower head off this year!

The morning glories finally decided it really was morning.

I love the way the wild sunflowers look next to the red barn.

Because I took the picture of the sunflowers above, Matthew insisted that I take a picture of these sunflowers. When I did he looked pleased and thanked me.

Matthew is just fascinated with this patch of sunflowers. He even says "goodbye flowers" sometimes.

I just loved the way the moon was flitting in and out of the clouds.

Last night it started raining. I love falling to sleep hearing the rain plopping on the roof. It always feels so cozy. This morning the fog was worthy of London. Thick like pea soup. It was starting to thin around 11:30. It's gone now and the day is starting to take a humid quality. But Matthew doesn't care. He's busy no matter what the weather. He was talking into a toy this morning reminding me, Daddy, and Matthew to take their medicine. Then he started very sternly telling Auntie to take her's. Well, Auntie, did you finally listen and take your medicine!


Mom said...

Such a cute series of M tumbling out of his car!!! I showed him the photo of him and his kitten and asked which kitten it was. He said it was Too Many. Is that right? I think the flowers and the weather pics would make such good paintings!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "SWEET!" What spectacular wonders you all enjoy living with space for nature! Did you take these at your own home...? Amazing & so great that you can raise Matthew in all of the splendor you so aptly record! (It shows in your boys' smiles & progress.) What a wonderful life still exists in the U.S.A. & I'm so grateful to you for sharing. He is a joy!

The author said...

Thank you! The kitten in question is actually Two, but Too Many was right behind.

Yes, we do live in a pretty amazingly beautiful place, I think. Yes, all the pictures were taken in our very own backyard. I know Matthew loves it and so do I. We are lucky to be able to live in the smack dab middle of nowhere!

Auntie said...

Um, yeah, I finally took it. If the subject arises again, you can reassure the lad that Auntie is very good at remembering her a.m. and p.m. meds.

Can't wait to see you place!!!

the inadvertent farmer said...

What a cutie pie! I have a two year old with that same car which has the same habit of tipping over!

I have never seen clouds for in rows like! Kim