Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earlier in the week...

Matthew just loves my winter hat that he gave me for Christmas last year.

And I think he looks cuter in it then I do.

Out the back door and we are immediately rushed by the twins.

Meet a side ways shot of Too Many. I just hate when they load wrong.

Here's Two.

They are so cute and cover so much territory now.

It's felt like October fall weather. But it's barely September. I'm banking on hot weather returning again. At least the sunshine is bright and beautiful.

The kittens just have to be in on the action these days. Even if it means being under chairs because of Scamp.

I swear Matthew is saying, "Why don't you just come out from under the chairs. Good grief." We so enjoyed the return of our regular hours today. We like being able to eat a leisurely breakfast, play outside for an hour or 2, read books, eat lunch, take a long siesta, and THEN go to work for a few hours. I admit, it's a pretty good life.


Mom said...

It looks like a very happy morning with the boy and the pets! Luv the hat picture!!!

Anonymous said...

ALL of them are growing up! You have such fun characters in your life!

Auntie said...

Looks like a good life to me!

The author said...

They are very fun characters, except when Two is trying to break into the house! I think he looks so adorable in my hat.