Sunday, August 5, 2012

Greeting from Texas!

We were home for about 5 days and took back off for a road trip to TX.  This time Matthew did not throw up, yea!  We've been here for about 2 weeks and have had a lot of fun.  The boys have had fun boxing and bowling on the Wii.

 As well as mastering MarioKart.

 They really get into it.

 Here is Matthew's bedroom.  He wanted everyone to see it.  *photo by Matthew

 The second weekend we were here, they had lifeguard competitions. 

 Find Phil in this photo.  It's like "Where's Waldo."  I almost walked up to the wrong guy when we got there!

 We've been bowling for real.

 I'm sad to say that Matthew skunked me not once, but twice!  This was our first game.  Last night, he beat me by 10.  I was too ashamed to take a photo of that.

 We've canoodled with Isabelle.  We love her so much we bought her, her very own water fountain.

 Since our lawn is dead, we've tried watering it, which Matthew has loved playing in.

 All the old toys being available again, has been very fun for him.

 What a wild mustang he has!

 We've also been furniture shopping.  Here is what we are probably going to buy.  The boys seem to like it.  They "fell" asleep in it.  Phil fell in love with a massive entertainment center that's $2,500.  I believe that he'll be wanting that for awhile.

Today Matthew got to go to work with Phil.  Here they are walking out the door.  Matthew didn't get to swim because the chemicals were not right, but they watched an awesome movie, according to Matthew.

Last night Matthew really wanted to play MarioKart.  We said that we couldn't because his Dad had broke the disc in half, because he got so mad at the game, the night before.  Matthew said, "Did you really?"  "Yup" we said.  He got up, marched over to the Wii and pushed the eject button.  He crossed his arms like a parent and faintly tapped his foot.  When the disc came out whole, he turned around, looked at us sternly and said, "Does this look broken to you?"  That was it.  We died laughing.

In other news, we decided for me to keep my job with the school.  Matthew and I will be headed back home again in a few days to prepare for the 1st day of school, Aug 16th.  Our baby is growing up.  I may cry.  We've already done the back to school shopping here.  I wanted to take a photo, Phil vetoed it.  I suppose it's silly, but I wanted a visual record of it.


Kirsten said...

your pics remind me of kiddo and hubby playing mariokart - they got so focused! :)

loved the broken disc story!

we've done our back to school shopping too - and tell phil it's not silly to take pics! ;)

Mom said...

Matthew took a good picture of his room. I think I spotted Phil in the Where's Phil photo. Thanks for the great photos of your life in Texas!

Auntie said...

Thank you for posting photos of family time in TX. I wish Phil would take some polite photos of you and Matthew. I bet in person all those guys were shuffling and fidgeting and hard to tell apart. Glad you didn't kiss a stranger because you'd have never lived that down! Tell Matthew I think he has a very cool room.

faith buss said...

hey friend! did some catching up this evening. :) looks like you've had a busy summer. i finally took pics of that quilt you asked me for LAST SUMMER. still want them? email me if so.

Anonymous said...

LOL I"m not surprised by the strict focus on the games; like father like son. I admit that I could see your difficult in determining which guy was Phil; I was looking for tattoos to help me out :)

Anonymous said...

Pictures are never silly because if the blog was never made, how could I have felt so close to you & Matthew when we visited?! I'm very grateful for silly pictures!
:p Love how serious your men look over there game!