Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School

 I can't believe the summer is gone!  Matthew is officially a kindergartener and life will never be the same.  Here is his backpack and all his school supplies.  The backpack is big on him, but his dad gave it to him and that's that.  They went together to get the name sewn up for it.

 Tuesday was Back to School Night.  I had to work it and sign up kids for Afterschool.  Here is the angry photo.  We've had to take angry and silly photos since San Diego!

 And the normal photo.

 Entering his kindergarten room. 

 Meeting Mrs. Tiffany, his teacher.  He will have an excellent year in her room.  She's a wonderful teacher.

 His name on the window.

 And here is his seat.  He's in the back because he's tall!  And no, he didn't think this photo was neccessary.

 When we went in to his room at Back to School night, his teacher gave us a bag of "Ready Confetti."  It had a cute poem with it about how it's magic confetti and would help him get a good nights sleep.

 He loved it!  He shared enough for everyone in the house to have 1 or 2 pieces under their pillows too.

 First day of kindergarten.  He was so excited to get there.

I didn't realize that Matthew couldn't go in the room, so he got to put his bag away with me there and then he had to go sit in the hall.  I felt horrible he had to sit there for 15 mins, but today he wanted to ride with Mamaw to school, so he could be the first there sitting in the hall.  He was disappointed that Dax beat him.  Boys, who knows what they will enjoy, at least of a little while. 

I love this drawing he did yesterday!  He met a new friend named Joshua.  He announced he was his best friend.  Phil told him to slow the roll on deciding best friends and Matthew said Joshua asked if he could be his best friend, so he said sure and now he is.  We'll see in a month.

I may not have mentioned this before but my Mom retired at the end of school last year.  While I was on vacation in California, she was asked to come back and teach Title 1.  She agreed, as her heart belongs to Title 1.  There has been none of the stress and late hours of the last two years in 2nd grade.

My school year has not started as tranquilly as Matthew and Mom's, but it's been ok.  There has been alot of loose ends and questions that are starting to be tied up.  I will be working in the middle school this year for an hour.  I'm surprised I didn't turn white yesterday when I found out, it was not a welcome discovery.  But I'm sure that it will go much better then I'm scared it will.  I'll gain some experience and maybe come to like working with that age group as well.  For sure all grades will come to know me this year.  It has been fun to have so many kids greeting me and hugs from quite a few.


Kirsten said...

we start next week - we are so ready! :)

don't be too afraid of junior high - hubby and i have worked with them at church for years, they can be a lot of fun! i'm sure they'll love you. :)

Auntie said...

Those are some wonderful shots of a sentinel event in Matthew's life.
Love the backpack Dad got him. Much looking on the internet at Army patches suggests that Phil is in the "1st Cavalry Division (heav--)" Heavy Armored something?
Poppa donated the shirt that MaMaw altered. And of course Mom was there to go with him. Haircut is nice, too.
I bet you do great with the middle schoolers, even if it is never your favorite age.
Thank you for your post!

Mom said...

I love this photo essay of his first days at school. It's hard to believe he's already in kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

I love the backpack from Dad! Looks like he's really ready for this new chapter in life: Way to go, Matthew!

Auntie said...

BTW, the Mom/Son coordinating shirts are very cool.