Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life as we know it

 Ok, so I've been gently reminded that I have been very negligent in posting.  I sometimes forget, I guess, that 95% of my family lives far away and doesn't have a clue what is going on in our lives.  I've become very bad about emailing, calling, and posting.  I shall try and improve this.  I blame Netflix.  Thank you Phil.

So last Tuesday evening was Matthew's first soccer game.  Since then we've played 3 games, tonight will be the 4th.  A week from Sunday will the the final game.  Rushed season.

These were from the 1st game. 

Matthew wore his overalls for the first time this fall.  Poppa surprised him with a pocket watch to wear in them.  It was so stinking cute.

 Last Friday we played his 2nd game.

I think he's starting to get into it.  A little.  I didn't get anything good from Sunday's game.  Maybe that's because a good friend of his was on the opposite team.  This meant zombie tag in the middle of
 of the game.  Why not right?

 Saturday we were so blessed with a visit from my Aunt Bobbie!  We just love her.  I wish we saw her more.
 I'd also like to mention the best KSU/OU game ever was played it night!

 It was a wonderful day.

 After supper we took a walk on the trail.  It was the first day of fall and beautiful.

Life is going ok.  Phil is waiting to see what will become of him again.  I found out a full time aide spot is opening up.  I'm waiting to see if it's worth making the move and working 5 hours less a week.  This fall just seems sortof unsettled.  I'm hoping it all falls into place very soon.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the overalls look in his "a boy & his dog" pic. ;) Also, Matthew's stare-down in soccer pic b4 the kick-off is priceless. Glad ur back!!!

Jenny said...

I just wanted to agree with you about the KSU/OU game! I was screaming at the TV for most of the night and lost my voice because of it. LOL :)

Auntie said...

Are Joshua and Matthew still best friends?
Thank you so much for all the delightful shots.
Look at that watch chain! And a watch on the other end of it. Lucky little boy to have such a nice Poppa.
Keep us posted what the Army decides and what you and Phil decide re your job.

Angela said...

Beautiful nature photos (as always); I love the boy in his overalls with his pocket watch and dog!!!! It looks like Matthew is enjoying soccer and I wonder how you play Zombie tag which sounds more fun than soccer to me! :)

The author said...

Auntie, I don't believe that they are, but he doesn't seem to play with the same person day after day.

Angela, zombie tag means that you run around with your arms straight out, hands limp chasing someone else. I don't think he likes soccer as much as T-ball. Not enough instructions.

Anonymous said...

LOl I guess it's official Zombie tag is far more exciting than soccer. I'm sorry there wasn't better instructions but maybe next year if he is still interested. (AMT- still too lazy to log in) ;)