Saturday, April 14, 2012

State Capitol

Thursday I had to go to the capital city to get paperwork Phil needed ASAP. So I sprung Matthew, and drove on up. When we were done there was time on the meter, so I said, "Let's walk over to the statehouse." Matthew calls it "the round house." He's been intrigued for awhile now. On the walk up we saw a Lincoln memorial and Matthew got excited because he still remembered facts he'd learned President's Day week, "That guy got shot!"

Matthew on the statehouse steps. He looked so small up there!

As it turns out I looked pretty small too! *photo by Matthew

Inside, I'd forgotten how gracious the interior is. The old time grand and formal.

One of the stain glass windows. I love how patriotic they are. Matthew and I felt our adventure was well worth the trip.


Mom said...

I'm so glad you two had time to explore a piece of our state's history together.

Auntie said...

IMO you and Matthew are about the luckiest Mom/Son combo in the world. You do such cool things together, and seem to appreciate each other so much.

The author said...

I am so lucky! It was so much fun, a stolen afternoon in what was a little stressful.