Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Let's do a project!"

It has become a Saturday morning ritual to get up at 7am, watch cartoons and eat breakfast, and by 9am comes the demand/plea, "Mom, lets do a project!" It is something we do together. This is the one we did this morning. It's our "house" and Mamaw, Poppa, me, and Matthew from left to right. We are playing hide and seek.

Back in February, the ASP kids made valentine hearts out of coffee filters, that they colored with markers and misted with water to "tie dye" them. There was a huge pile that didn't get claimed, so I took them home to use for something.

Before Easter, Matthew and I used them to make Easter eggs for our Easter pictures. In this one it's sprinkling, in case you wondered what the line with drops at the bottom are. I've grown to really love collaborating with Matthew on Saturday mornings.


Mom said...

Doing your creative projects is a wonderful tradition!

Auntie said...

Lucky me! I am the proud owner of the third one.
Did Matthew draw his own figures?
Whoever did it, I love the one of him cavorting! And the others are interesting in terms of relative size. Of course that may be governed by space limitations.

Kirsten said...

what a fun way to spend a saturday morning! i was just lamenting the other day that my kiddo seems to have grown out of craft projects. boohoo! enjoy it while it lasts! :)

The author said...

Mom, it's fun!

Auntie, you were lucky! Matthew did draw the figures, he had a whole piece of paper, so I don't know if size was how he "sees" us, or just how he did it. We cut them out and then glued them on the picture.

Kirsten, it is, I'm so sorry that Kiddo doesn't really want to, but you'll have a new one to start over with soon (and he might get interested again to "help" her!)