Thursday, March 10, 2011

The cough

This week we've been keeping Matthew at home resting because his cough got really bad. Monday he hacked every 30 seconds I swear. Since we were out of garlic, I asked Phil to bring some home. Tuesday, I gave him 2 big mugs of garlic tea over the day and by evening he was a new boy. Still coughing, but not near as much and much perkier. I'd say he's pretty much over it, but Phil wants him to stay away from the kids at storytime, just in case they expose him to something else that kicks it back in.

So, I'll leave you with photos of Matthew at gymnastics, I meant to post last fall. He took lessons from July-October and loved them.


Auntie said...

I am glad his cough is so much better. I know it is a folk remedy, but I believe a lot of what those old folks say. A child can't begin too early to learn a sense of balance. Mine is way under-developed, especially now that there is more of me behind me than there once was.

The author said...

A friend of mine's son went to the dr. recently, who also had a terrible cough. The mom was giving him the best cough syrup on the market and it wasn't touching it. So the dr. told her to brew tea, add 2T of honey and as much lemon juice as she could squeeze out of a lemon wedge. She said it helped tremendously, so there must be something to it! His cough is creeping up again today (I suspect allergies) so I brewed tea the dr.'s way!

Mom said...

When you make the garlic tea, do you brew real tea and put the garlic in it, or is it just garlic and water?
I hope the cough is gone now!!! Poor little guy!