Saturday, July 12, 2008

Antique Airshow

It's been a big week up here in KC. We started swimming lessons on Tues. Matthew wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but he practiced in the tub and really got into it at Thurs. lesson. He is having a good time hanging out in his little frog pool practicing blowing bubbles. Thursday his Grandma came up and we met Dad at Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. He was really excited when they turned on the disco balls. After lunch we went shopping and up to the plaza to meet Auntie. We had a nice visit with her and then it was time to get Grandma back to her car so that she could go home.

Today Phil had to go to an airshow for work. Matthew and I tagged along and when we got there we discovered that it was an antique airshow. It was really neat seeing working planes and equipment from WWI to Vietnam. Matthew had a blast running around. The KC Star took several pictures of him and one of his dad that should be on their website. It will probably be in the community faces section under entertainment. They had a B17 called Sentimental Journey that was giving rides to the public. They also had an old schnook that you could walk up into. I was going to go have a dogtag made with the old machine, but before I could a big gust of wind came up with heavy rain. It blew over the Army tent and stuff, so we had to pack it up and go home for the day. We are thinking about going back tomorrow if the weather is better. Phil didn't get to look around so I believe that he want to go back and see the exhibits. Maybe I'll remember my camera so that I can take pictures tomorrow.

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