Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flying by

The summer is simply flying by. And very fast. I am not looking forward to having school start again so fast. Matthew will probably be ready to see all his little friends again though.

This weekend we flew home Thursday so Phil could go to a safety briefing at the company. It lasted 15 mins. On the way back home we stopped and got fireworks. So of course we had to shoot some off and they made Matthew cry. I got some cute pictures though. Friday the 4th we left Matthew at home (much to our friends dismay) and went to a friends bbq. We had a good time and set back off for home after a couple hours. That evening while Matthew went in with his grandpa, we set off fireworks in earnest. We got some really good ones and made a list this time so we know what is good and not so good. Especially important now that we live so close to the border and across it they sell fireworks year round. Yesterday we were all so tired we were just lazy all day long. Doesn't happen much in our family anymore. We ALWAYS seem to have stuff to do. Then today we once again left the boy with the grandparents and took off for our house and primed half the bottom half. I'll come back down again in a week or two and finish that and start painting. That is if we can ever get the right color paint. We got five gallons but not all the color went in so they add what they thought would be enough and no, it's not. We now have sections paler then others. Lovely. And I can't seem to get Phil to return to the store with it. It only happened 2 months ago. While at the house I noticed some beautiful daylilies blooming and many more getting ready. It's so exciting. The old coworker who gave me most of my bulbs said she has even more I can have so I'll have to set up a time to run over and see her again!

Next week is swim lessons. Both me and Matthew will be in the pool. It will be alot of fun I believe. I'm not excited about being seen in my swimsuit, but oh well. I'll surely look better then someone.

I should also mention that Matthew had his 1 year checkup last Monday. He got stuck 4 times with shots and once in the finger so they could milk his blood into 2 vials to run tests. All routine stuff. After all the trauma I treated the little guy to McDonalds. He thought that was only fair and enjoyed his McNuggets. They say he is perfectly healthy. His head and weight (20lbs 8 oz) are at 25% while his height (30.5") dropped to 50%. I was rather surprised considering he'd always been in the 90's. Oh well, he'll just be a little skinny guy!

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