Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our weekly thoughts

I guess this is turning into a weekly publication. Starting in August it will soar back into being more of a daily publication. Anyway, last time I was telling about all the fun summer stuff we were doing. That evening we took Matthew to the carnival. Phil took him down one of these really tall slides they have. To me riding down on a gunny sack and going over humps looked scary so I didn't want to go. Especially while also trying to hold my little precious 1 year old. Phil decided he just had to see Matthew go down with me so he could see his face. He bugged me enough I said yes, IF my mom would go too. She reluctantly agreed. We payed our tickets and trudged up to the top of the ride. The guy at the top took Matthew so we could get settled in the gunny sacks before we took him back. I got settled in with minimal fuss and looked over to see my mom was completely petrified. She would put one foot on the gunny sack, it would slightly move and she'd panic. NONONONO, I can't do it. So then the guy stepped on it with one foot and said that it wouldn't go down. NONO. Then 2 little boys came up and she waved them through while slightly hyperventilating. When they went down 10 seconds later she had no choice but attempt it again. We got her gunny sack down again, tried the one foot thing and then she came up with the brilliant idea that she'd sit down downwards and swing her legs around. OH boy. All I could see while she attempted this was my older mom streaking down the slide backwards screaming bloody murder. I might mention that my dad was at the bottom and is slightly protective. If his bride of 32 years hurtled down that way and got hurt I'm sure I would have got it for convincing her to go up in the first place. By now I'd been sitting in place for what seemed like 5 minutes and we were no closer to seeing her go down. She had already attempted the backwards plan and gave it up as a bad idea. So in desperation I held the gunny sacks other side and said hold on to us and sit down, you'll be fine. She finally gave in and did. Mostly I think in sheer desperation to get off the top of this slide. The very polite ride guy started to give Matthew to her to hold on the way down. I snatched him quickly and said "Alright are you ready?" My mom squeaked back, "I'm scared, can I hold on to you?" Yes, yes anything to just go down. So we linked arms and shoved off. We both screamed the whole way down. On the last hump Mom fell backwards and slid on down completely flat. In the process she gave herself a nasty bruise, but we lived. And wouldn't you know it, Matthew smiled the whole way down. He thought Grandma was funny too. Phil was laughing so hard when we got down I didn't think he could breathe. Dad on the other hand was slightly dismayed I think. If we'd only had the video camera. We also took Matthew with us on the ferris wheel and in the moonwalk. That was enough carnival for one night. Then we hit the powwow and enjoyed the beat.

This week has passed quickly and without excitement. Wednesday we got enrolled for swimming lessons. Thursday we came home in the evening so that Phil could go to Stampede as a VIP for free. Must be nice to get into concerts for free as a recruiter. We brought a guy he works with, with us and wouldn't you know it. Storms to drive through and no power at my parents house when we got there. It was so hot. It was miserable. Finally power was restored around 4am. Yesterday passed quickly and here we are ready to journey back up north and belatedly celebrate our anniversary. I'm thinking Cheesecake Factory....hmmm....

Happy Saturday everyone!

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