Saturday, June 14, 2008

2nd week

We're on week 2 in the big city. Things went much smoother this week. Matthew and I found a couple important places, like the Goodwill and post office. I am so glad that it was much easier to find the post office here then it was in Phoenix. I could be on the right block and still not find the post office. I swear they make them invisible there. Matthew has been just growing and changing so much. He is attempting to jog on his little chunky baby legs and can walk so far before he falls or sits down. He can now crawl up on the furniture by himself. He can drink through a straw. He plays with the dogs. He tries to mimic things we do. He can throw his balls at you and catch them if not thrown to fast at him. He's saying more and more words. He's been trying to say dozen more, I just don't understand them. And the biggest thing of all...he turned 1 yesterday and gets to ride facing forward now! I have been trying to remember all the cute stuff he's been learning to do,so I could write about it, but it's hard to think of it all. I miss our blog!!! We really need the internet. I have learned that many libraries have wireless internet, so maybe Matthew and I can hang out there once in awhile. Oh, he's starting to really like to look at books on his own and be read to. Very exciting stuff. He doesn't even try to eat his books anymore.

Matthew had a very good birthday yesterday. His Great Auntie very kindly made him a cake and brought him a present. He had a wonderful time banging his stacking cups the rest of the day. His daddy gave him a big boy ball and he loooooves that too. Tomorrow we will be having his official birthday party. I think he'll have around 20 people there to wish him well. It should be loads of fun. It was a little disappointing watching him eat his birthday cake for the first time. He didn't know what to make of it and had to be helped to eat it. I guess I haven't been letting him eat on his own enough. We are hoping that he puts on a bigger show tomorrow.

I know that you all are probably dying to see new pictures. (The site is a little dull without them.) But unfortunately, we lost our electrical cord for our camera, so it's dead and took all the great pictures I took with it. I can retrieve them only when I can get the cord back. It might still be at the house somewhere. I've been using mom's in the meantime, but she hasn't downloaded the pictures yet, so I have nothing to give. I'm not even on my computer! So keep hanging in there with us and I promise we'll get back to posting more and pictures will appear!

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