Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas

At preschool this year they made thankful lists at Thanksgiving and lists of what Christmas was about. Here are the highlights or giggles.

Thanksgiving Thankful list:
Under "books, toys, and games": train with animals on it (he doesn't have one-saw a baby one in the store!)
Under "the best things about home": taking a nap (really that's the best part?)
Under "tv and movies": my poppas news I like alot of them (hehe)
Under "trips I've enjoyed": to Kansas City-we ate strawberry icecream (did you feed him icecream Auntie?)

About Christmas list:
It snows because it's Christmas
People play snowball fights which I've never played before
My favorite Christmas song-"Over the Rainbow"
I'll get my mom a star wars movie and my dad would like one too
Santa comes
He lives at the northpole and of course his elves make presents, they are busy

There was many more of course, but I thought these were some of the cutest.


Auntie said...

(Nope, no strawberry ice cream from me, but there were going to be strawberry frozen fruit bars. However, the poor lad went into a meltdown and those never happened. Euphoric recall, no doubt!)

Mom said...

He is at that cute age when you never know what kind of funny misinformation you'll hear next!