Sunday, December 5, 2010

Matthew and lights

Isabelle bothering the tree gingerly. She actually stood on her hind legs to pat the talking ornament.

Matthew snacking.

It's so heavy I can't stand up on my own.

My mom says I'm a handsome boy.

They nap just like when Isabelle was a little kitten.

The light master added more lights today.


Auntie said...

It is just beautiful! I salute you all. Thanks for the Dad in the Matthew photos, too. (I wish the Dad were more reliable about taking kind photos of the Mommy!)

The author said...

Yes, it'd be nice at time uh? Sorry you didn't get to guess what the tree is made of. You'd have guessed magazines I know!

Mom said...

The lights are wonderful! And the Matthew photos are delightful. I love the one that shows he and Phil laughing together! And the one in the tree looks like a studio shot! Thanks!

Mom said...

OK, Auntie, I meant "him" and Phil, not he and Phil!

Jenny said...

Matthew is getting so big. Looks more and more like his father. Also, I love the lights. We can't put any up because we only have one outlet on the back side of the house. It's a pain.

Angela said...

The light master did a great job on the lights; I may need him to teach me how to string lights up! I love the picture of Matthew in the tree.