Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day Camp

 Almost a month ago we had the opportunity to go to a music/nature day camp for free.  It was amazing.  Here is Matthew in hand drumming.

 Right after lunch Matthew performed with some of the kids that took the morning Kindermusik classes.

 I wish you could hear this lady sing.  She had a wonderful voice.

 One of the big highlights for Matthew was getting to go horseback riding.

 First time on a horse.  He's only been begging for one since he was 2.

 Later in the day we went down to the pond.

 I found a shell with "stuff" on the bottom.  I thought frog eggs.  Mom and Dad say no, so..."stuff."

 After supper, we went to the amphitheatre and watched kids and adults perform what they had learned during the day in their music classes.  Matthew anxiously waited for his group, hand druming, to perform.  They were last.

 Waiting with the group to walk in.

 Walking in.

 He did a good job.  I was proud.

 Then we stayed for half of the symphony of concert.

 It was absolutely beautiful and the music was wonderful.  Matthew even enjoyed it.  They had a famous symphony composer/cello performer there.

 Not used to the wait time on my newer camera, but I thought it made for an interesting image.

We had such a great time and hope to attend next year!


Auntie said...

Looks wonderful. Doesn't Mamaw have a drum like the one Matthew had in that first shot? She would probably let him practice on hers.

The author said...

Well, the little drum is the one you gave him a long time ago. And yes, she has an African drum, but the top in wearing out, so I don't think she will let him use it.

Mom said...

I might...

Anonymous said...

Ride-em, cowboy! Does he want a horse of his own yet? (I did! LOL.)

angela Tucker said...

The day camp looks like fun. The "stick" next to the "frog egg" bubble is a caddisfly. The form shelters by gluing sticks,rocks, and other debris they find in water. They will attach themselves to rocks and wait for smaller insect to come by so they can eat it but some of them are detritus feeders to they feed on moss, slime, ect. The "frog eggs" are bubbles of air for different insect to breath in. Some insects trap air and carry it down below so they can breath. "bugxpert" in the house :)