Monday, July 18, 2011

What we've been doing for the last month (cause it hasn't been blogging)

Well, I'll tell you, we watched them harvest the wheat.

I've been running after beautiful butterflies trying to get the right shot.

We found the most precious, perfect blue egg. It lasted 3 days till Matthew grasp it too hard.

Taking photos of beautiful flowers.

Working on clearing out clutter and making Matthew's room, Matthew's.

Finally this month, I've started making the rounds to see friends. I've visited 3 cities and hung out with 7 of them now. This particular friend I haven't seen in over 7 years and by chance he was going in, as I was going out. I had to stop and take a photo, cause it's not everyday that some takes you out on the lake and whips you off a tube so hard that when you land you think you must have broken something. But that's another story.

One particular girl, I won't mention names, cough *ANGELA*, thought she could hide behind a shorter girl.

It's been a full month. One day I'll get the photos off my phone of Matthew and I's trip to see the Lego exhibit.


Angela said...

LOL- I was mildly successful at hiding behind her; besides I agreed to the photo taken earlier that day (I thought I told you I had a 1 photo/day quota) :) I love the butterfly pictures; they are hard to capture.

Auntie said...

Oh dear! Hell really hath froze over! Green on your parents' land!!

Auntie said...

You have done such a nice job taking photos this summer, even if now it is hot and miserable out. Thank you!

The author said...

Angela, ha, nice try, you have NEVER made that rule and we AREN'T starting now.

Auntie, thank you there is a couple events I wish I'd gotten photos of, but I think I've done pretty well...